How can Yunnan Baiyao capsules help to treat your dog?

How can Yunnan Baiyao capsules help to treat your dog?

Yunnan Baiyao, the hemostatic that has been becoming more popular across many industries throughout the world, is a successful medication that is used to treat many different species from humans all the way down to mice.  This, of course, means that yes, it can even be used to help your four-legged canine best friend.

Whether your dog shows signs of respiratory problems, has a habit of cutting his paws on thorns, or has been found to have cancer, Yunnan Baiyao likely has a useful place in his or her treatment.  We love our pets and want them to be pain-free and injury free, however, that is simply not always possible.  That is when we have to look at the beneficial uses of medications like Yunnan Baiyao capsules for dogs and other pets that we may own.

What types of injuries can this medicine treat?

For external injuries, such as cuts, abrasions, and burns, the powder form of the medication can be mixed with water to create a thick paste that will be placed on the injured area.  This paste will immediately begin to work as a hemostatic and antibacterial agent, cleaning the wound of poisons and helping to stop any bleeding right away.

Internal injuries are more complicated and should be assessed by a veterinarian for proper diagnosis, however, it is suggested to ask your vet about the administration of Yunnan Baiyao capsules if your dog suffers stomach ulcers, pulmonary hemorrhage, or even heavy hemorrhaging caused by birthing puppies.  This medicine is beneficial to a wide-range of health conditions and is well worth keeping on hand for emergencies and minor issues that should not require a hefty vet bill.


The answer to this question is very important and we urge you to ask your veterinarian for a recommendation before using Yunnan Baiyao capsules to treat your pet.  However, the answer is that, yes, these capsules can be used to treat Hemangiosarcomas of the spleen and liver in dogs.  These cancers are very aggressive and can metastasize to other areas such as the heart and lungs, causing internal bleeding and resulting in nosebleeds and blood in the pets' stool and urine.

Several veterinarians recommend 5-day cycles of Yunnan Baiyao in order to aid the body of your pet in its' fight to stop the bleeding associated with these awful conditions.  The cycles should be kept to in strict order to avoid causing further harm rather than the healing a proper cycle will provide and exact dosage is important.

This treatment is not meant to cure cancer itself, but rather to aid the body in healing the collateral damage that comes with these sad conditions.  Yunnan Baiyao capsules should be paired with a proper diet and additional treatment by your veterinarian to create a full-round method of treatment that covers every angle of cancer, rather than attempting to treat one symptom alone.

What dosage is right for my dog?

The proper dosage of Yunnan Baiyao capsules is extremely important, as is taking care to keep the dog on a proper cycle.  Do not treat your dog for more than 5 days with Yunnan Baiyao, as their system will then need a 5-day cycle with no medication before starting the 5-day treatment cycle again.  This helps to ensure that their body does not become immune to the healthy effects of the medication and its' antibacterial properties.  Extended use simply results in immunity, destroying the useful properties of the medication entirely.

 Below is a useful dosage chart by weight designed specifically for dogs.  Please remember to approve all treatments through your veterinarian, as you do not want to add a treatment that may counteract or even cause a reaction with any medication or treatment they are already administering to your pet.

 Pet Weight

Dosage (250mg per capsule)

Number of doses per day

Less than 10lbs.

1 capsule

1x daily for 5 days

10-30 lbs.

1 capsule

2x daily for 5 days

30 – 60lbs.

2 capsules

2x daily for 5 days

60lbs +

2 capsules

3x daily for 5 days

 Again, remember to stick to a 5 on/ 5off cycle in order to make the most of the benefits of the medication and consult your veterinarian for a more detailed plan for your pet if necessary.  Treatment of cancer is serious and any drug interactions must be monitored closely by your veterinarian to be handled in a swift manner.


Nosebleeds can happen in any animal.  While this should be checked by a veterinarian to ensure there is not an underlying issue that needs to be treated, the answer to the question is, yes, Yunnan Baiyao can be used to treat minor nosebleeds in your dog.  For appropriate dosage, please refer to the chart above and do not use for more than 5 days without consulting your veterinarian.


If your dog begins to act strangely, shows signs of labored breathing or becomes lethargic, stop treatment immediately and have them checked out by your veterinarian.  These symptoms are signs of much deeper problems that your veterinarian can diagnose for you.  Do not assume it is just a side-effect of the medication.  Labored breathing can be a sign of heart problems in dogs and should not be taken lightly.

Yunnan Baiyao has helped to shape the way veterinarians treat dogs with cancer, ulcers, and many other illnesses and injuries.  Dogs that once had a few weeks left have been around to enjoy time with their owners for months and longer through the use of Yunnan Baiyao and other paired treatments.  Talk to your vet today and determine if Yunnan Baiyao can help your pet live a happier, healthier life